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Choose an activity which you like best. The given activities are the most popular ones. However, if you have your own idea what to do in Warsaw or how much time you want to give to each activity, let us know. We can combine the activities or prepare a tailor-made one specially for you. Just send us your idea and we will make an offer for you!

Private Chopin Music Concert

An attraction perfect for visitors who love classical music and want to listen to the music of the biggest Polish composer, Frédéric Chopin. The concert is organized in a climatic, neo-Gothic palace surrounded by a beautiful park. You will listen to very good Polish pianists who will play the most famous études, mazurkas, polonaises and nocturnes of Chopin. All in a relaxing atmosphere with a glass of sparkling wine in your hand.

The tour includes

  • a 60-minute private Chopin concert
  • a glass of sparkling wine for each person
  • pick-up from the hhotel in Warsaw specified by the client during booking
  • drop-off at the hhotel in Warsaw specified by the client during booking

Prices (per person)

1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons 7 persons
PLN 999 PLN 499 PLN 399 PLN 349 PLN 299 PLN 249 PLN 199
EUR 233 EUR 116 EUR 95 EUR 81 EUR 69 EUR 57 EUR 45

* Individual prices for 8 or more people. Contact us.
1 person PLN 999 EUR 233
2 persons PLN 499 EUR 116
3 persons PLN 399 EUR 95
4 persons PLN 349 EUR 81
5 persons PLN 299 EUR 69
6 persons PLN 249 EUR 57
7 persons PLN 199 EUR 45


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