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Choose a tour which will suit your interests best. The given tours are the most popular ones. However, if you have your own idea what you want to see in Poland or how much time you want to give to each tour, let us know. We can prepare a tailor-made one specially for you.

Lublin & Majdanek Concentration Camp Tour

A tour perfect for visitors who want to visit the beautiful city of Lublin which is called “little Kraków” and is the biggest cultural and academic centre of Eastern Poland. Lublin was also called “little Jerusalem” as for centuries Jews constituted an integral part of the city. They did until WWII when most of them were killed in concentration camps, one of which was Majdanek on the outskirts of Lublin. The camp operated between 1941 and 1944 and killed 80,000 prisoners. It is very well-preserved, with the prisoner barracks, gas chamber, crematories and mausoleum containing ashes of the victims. There will also be time for lunch (meals are paid additionally). The tour lasts 12 hours.

Visited sites

  • Old Town in Lublin (Krakow Gate, Town Hall, Dominican Church and Monastery)
  • Cathedral
  • Lublin Castle
  • Majdanek Concentration Camp

The tour includes

  • train tickets (the journey lasts 2.5 hours one way) or car/minivan transportation
  • a private licensed English-speaking guide
  • private transportation by car or minivan during the tour
  • all admission fees


Prices (per person)

1 person 2 persons 3 persons 4 persons 5 persons 6 persons 7 persons
PLN 1099 PLN 599 PLN 499 PLN 399 PLN 349 PLN 299 PLN 249
EUR 256 EUR 139 EUR 117 EUR 93 EUR 81 EUR 69 EUR 57

* Individual prices for 8 or more people. Contact us.
1 person PLN 1099 EUR 256
2 persons PLN 599 EUR 139
3 persons PLN 499 EUR 117
4 persons PLN 399 EUR 93
5 persons PLN 349 EUR 81
6 persons PLN 299 EUR 69
7 persons PLN 249 EUR 57


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