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Choose a tour which will suit your interests best. The given tours are the most popular ones. However, if you have your own idea what you want to see in Poland or how much time you want to give to each tour, let us know. We can prepare a tailor-made one specially for you.

Treblinka Concentration Camp Tour

A tour perfect for visitors who are interested in the history of Polish Jews and want to go deeper to see and feel how cruel the World War II was for them. Treblinka was the second largest Nazi extermination camp which killed 850,000 thousand people within just one year. Totally different from Auschwitz, as the Treblinka’s buildings were all razed to the ground by the Nazis in 1944. It is a symbolic, thought-provoking place which will leave a deep impression on you. You will also learn a lot about the Polish Jews and World War II. In the Museum you will see two films about Operation Reinhard and the Camp. The tour lasts 6 hours.

Visited sites

  • Extermination camp Treblinka II
  • Treblinka Museum of Struggle and Martyrdom

The tour includes

  • a private licensed English-speaking guide
  • pick-up from the hotel in Warsaw specified by the client during booking
  • drop-off at the hotel in Warsaw specified by the client during booking
  • private transportation by car or minivan during the tour
  • all admission fees


There is an option to visit Tykocin, a small but pretty town on the way back to Warsaw. Tykocin resembles an ethnographic museum with its charming wooden houses, a synagogue and a majestic baroque church. There is also an 18th-century memorial to the White Eagle Order – the most prestigious Polish award. Tykocin became an important centre of both Polish and Jewish cultures when the Jewish community was founded here in the 16th century. This atmosphere can still be felt there.


If you are interested, please contact us for details.


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1 person PLN 699 EUR 162
2 persons PLN 369 EUR 86
3 persons PLN 269 EUR 62
4 persons PLN 229 EUR 53
5 persons PLN 189 EUR 44
6 persons PLN 149 EUR 35
7 persons PLN 119 EUR 26


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