Poland is opening after lockdown caused by coronavirus

Poland seems reasonably COVID-19-safe in comparison to some other countries.

It is worth considering coming to Poland for holidays in 2020 as we have fairly few confirmed cases of coronavirus and the Covid-19 disease is decreasing.

Poland has closed at the beginning of March 2020. It was early and this might be one of the reasons why our country has not been very badly affected by coronavirus.

Now Poland is opening up. The R numer is much below 1 and in most Polish regions is decreasing.

We no longer have to cover mouth and nose in public spaces – if we keep the distance of 2 meters.

Free access to places of worship, post offices, shops, bazars. Covering mouth and nose is still mandatory.

Free access to restaurants, cafes and bars. Keeping 2 meters distance is still mandatory.

It is allowed to gather outdoors for up to 150 people and it is allowed to guide tours.

From June 6, 2020  also gyms, swimming pools, theme parks and playrooms are opened.

The Polish government is planning to open borders on 15 June 2020.

Also, the European Best Destination Organization prepared the list of European safest beaches for the summer of 2020 and the Hel beach in Poland is in the Top 3!

Therefore, if you want to have a city break and go abroad - come to Warsaw, Poland and stay safe and healthy!

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