City Tour and Beer Tasting in Warsaw

If you want to visit Warsaw and have a local person to guide you in the most beautiful, lively and cool places but you are not interested in a standard historic walk, this tour is for you.

You do some walking in the Old Town and Royal Route (which are not really available by car) and you get the most important knowledge about Warsaw and Poland, but it is done in an informal way and you learn a lot about how the Poles are, what is going on in Poland now, what we usually eat and drink and how we spend our free time. You will be given a map with the best attractions in Warsaw: events, bars, restaurants, concerts, museums, shopping.

The guide will be there to tell you what to do in Warsaw in your free time and how to plan your stay.

The tour will be combined with beer (or vodka) tasting - two multitap pubs during the tour. We will choose the best-located spots, with best selection of drinks, tested by locals.

It is an informal tour but still you are given loads of knowledge and you get to know the city much better than if you did it on your own. It is usually chosen by bigger groups but can be organized for even one person.

You can find the itinerary and prices here:

+48 508 725 450