Royal Lazienki Park (Royal Baths Park)

The Royal Lazienki Park (Royal Baths Park) is definitely the most beautiful park in Warsaw. It is also one of the largest, occupying 76 hectares of the city center. The park lies on the "Royal Route", a way linking the Royal Castle in the Old Town with kings’ summer residences.


The Royal Baths Park was established in the 17th century. It took the name "Baths" from a bathing pavilion that was located there. In 1764 the gardens were acquired by the last king of Poland, Stanis?aw August Poniatowski.


The now classicist-style gardens became the king's life work. The park is full of outstanding palaces and sculptures that are surrounded by magnificent nature. At present it is the home for royal peacocks and hundreds of squirrels. The central point of the park is Stanislaw August's summer residence that is called "the Palace on the Water."

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