The singing monument

In the close neighborhood of the Cathedral and Praha cinema in Praga Polnoc district you can find a small, quiet square surrounded by several benches with five musicians standing right in the centre.


In interwar times such street orchestras used to brighten up gray and boring days with their music. They walked down the streets of Praga and waited for people to throw coins from their windows and balconies. Nowadays, these five gentlemen standing in the same place for the last 4 years seem to be as popular as their ancestors back then. They have their regular visitors who come there everyday to seat on the benches and listen to their performance.



The statue is a true landmark of the district. It needs only 1,22PLN for a mobile message to hear them playing (the list of the songs you will find on the side of a drum). However, we recommend visiting the place before nightfall as the poor musicians fell a victim of a clumsy light designer – after dark the statues are lighten in red and blue colors which unfortunately give them a kitschy look.

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